A downloadable tool for Windows

This tool is used to generate graphs that can then be parsed & executed by the corresponding engine to generate a texture.

This allow artists to author visually a procedural textures & then export them to simple text file weighting a few kB (even if the texture is 2048x2048 or even 4096x4096).

Programmers can them embed the simple .lib in their engine to read those file to generate the texture at runtime. They can also tweak exposed parameter by the artists to change the outcome (e.g. : amount of sand, of rust etc...)

Published Nov 17, 2014
TagsProcedural Generation, texture, tool

Install instructions

See the github page at https://github.com/Sirithang/eitri for more info, get the source and how to compile.

Prebuilt realease for windows on that page require no other dependencies


Eitri_Procjam_alpha.zip 14 MB